What is pLog?

pLog is tablet-based field data collection software. pLog is the industry leader in geotechnical and geo-environmental data collection technology. It is the most advanced application for collecting site investigation and environmental sampling data in the field.

With pLog you can record all your geotechnical, geological, borehole, soil, groundwater and surface water sampling field data electronically and upload to a database thus eradicating transcription errors and costs.

Why use pLog?

The use of pLog results in a more robust field data collection regime, rapid turnaround of logging and field data reports and all time saving time and money. The main beneficial features of pLog include:

    • Transcription errors are eradicated – no transcription of field notes is necessary as data is rapidly uploaded, thus eradicating transcription errors.

    • Highly customisable user interface – customise which data collection parameters are shown in each module and in what order the items are shown.

    • Graphical Log Preview – the ability to view a standardised borehole log in graphical format as data is entered has been a common request from our users. That dream is now a reality as you will be able to view the log graphically on the tablet so you can better visualise the investigation as it is happening.

    • Real-time data sharing – the ability to send the data and/or the standardised log report electronically directly from the field makes sharing data with your colleagues a simple process enabling better communication between field and office staff.

    • A simple and direct data export to any log reporting system via pLog Integration Component (pLogIC) – The new pLogIC (pLog Integration Component) provides the ability to integrate your data recorded in pLog Tablet with nearly any software application. pLogIC provides the ability to export the data, format it including (ordering, and formatting of soil and rock descriptions) in any format you need. pLogIC exports data in CSV format (for any data structure) as well as the LogPlot .DAT format. Users no longer need to install anything on their PCs to retrieve their data. pLog directly exports field data to any log reporting including gINT, LogPlot, HoleBase, ESdat – eliminating confusion for the user and simplifying installation while reducing the IT resources necessary to run the system.

    • Streamlined navigation – no tapping between screens to input a specific type of data – all data can be accessed for a particular module from one screen.

pLog runs on Android or Windows Tablets. The Android installation can be downloaded from Google Play, and a Windows Installation can be provided upon request.

A pLog Cloud account is required to use pLog. Please contact us at to arrange your pLog Cloud account.

"pLog has helped to standardize our field logging process to save time and money for our clients. pLog is highly recommended!"

(Golder Associates - Staff Geotechnical Engineer)

"pLog has greatly increased my efficiency and report productivity as a field scientist."

(Schnabel Engineering - Staff Scientist)

"pLog has provided our company with the ability to much more efficiently collect data electronically in the field and eliminate time associated with double entry of data."

(ESP - Associate)

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