ESdat at a glance

Why use ESdat?

Data is extremely valuable – using ESdat prevents loss of valuable data and saves data processing time.

What types of data can ESdat manage?

ESdat can manage many categories of geo-environmental data and can be customised to manage practically any data.

Who is using ESdat?

ESdat has been in use for over 20 years in Australia and North America and has a growing number of users.

Link ESdat to existing geo-environmental software

ESdat links fluidly with geo-environmental software already on your desktop, so no need to invest time and money in new software and training.

In-built GIS feature

ESdat has an in-built GIS feature enabling you to quickly present your data against a map backdrop.

Complete electronic data record from field - to lab - to office

There is no other system like it. The potential for a complete electronic data record solution from the field right through to the office.

Data validation and analysis

Produce QA reports for lab data and check to see if the lab has delivered what you requested in an instant. Produce statistics, formatted tables, maps and trend analysis rapidly.

Technical support

Get 12 months technical support with the purchase of ESdat.

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