Why use ESdat?

Using ESdat saves time.

Data collection costs money. Equally, inadequate data storage and management costs money through:

  • Correcting data transcription errors;

  • Replacing lost data or data unable to be assigned both spatially and temporally;

  • Correcting inconsistent data formats for import and integration; and

  • Formatting data to enable interpretation, analysis and presentation.

When any organisation passes poorly managed data to a second party to interpret or report, the costs associated with data validation and formatting are passed on to the data provider and this invariably accounts for around 20%-40% of a budget assigned to the task.

Using ESdat will help reduce:

  • transcription costs and errors;

  • time rectifying transcription errors;

  • time on validating data imported or from the laboratory; and

  • time spent standardising and formatting data for presentation.

Invest in ESdat and reap the benefits of exquisite data management for years to come.

Using ESdat saves time.

A survey of ESdat users showed that all users saved time. Time saved was at least 20% of their time analysing data with ESdat.

Over 50% of respondents save more than 40%.

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