Appraisal of monitoring regime

Many organisations would benefit from regular appraisal of their monitoring networks and regimes.

This appraisal process may look at new technology to reduce time invested in data collection, training of site staff to reduce costs on sub-contracted sampling, a review of data transmission, storage, analysis and reporting, but more importantly, to review monitoring frequency, locations and parameters which are all stipulated by the Environment Agency in the Environmental Permit. Submission of proposals to change the monitoring regime and compliance limits could be made alongside other elements of an Environmental Permit variation application.

A medium-sized company has begun to save thousands of £’s per year after Groundwater Solutions has helped organisations to save thousands of £’s per year after reviewing their monitoring data and network. Savings are made on sampling fees, materials, laboratory costs and a more favourable permit score by the Environment Agency. Our clients have shown a return on consultancy fees in less than a year.

Contact Groundwater Solutions to discuss your site and see if there are significant cost-savings to be had for your organisation.