Groundwater Solutions Ltd. is a specialist groundwater consultancy which takes pride on delivering expert hydrogeological services and specialist environmental data management software and services to our clients.  Groundwater Solutions provides hydrogeological services in both surface water and groundwater environments encompassing water management issues in water resources, landfill, planning and development, wetlands, mining and quarrying and contaminated land.  

Water resources
Planning and development
Mining and quarrying
Land quality
Wetlands and protected spaces

    FastSearchTM Report

A cost-effective way of initially assessing whether a well is feasible at your site. 

Answers to the most fundamental questions when locating a well:

Where do I drill?

How deep do I drill?

How much water can I abstract?

What is the water quality?

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ESdat - specialist environmental data management software

Designed for use by environmental consultants and site managers.

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ESlog - hydrochemistry graphing - freeware! Try it for free.

Designed to be quick and simple to use.  


pLog - site investigation field data collection software

The industry leader in geotechnical and geo-environmental field data collection technology.