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Complete electronic data record from field - to lab - to office

The LSpecs extension for ESdat, in combination with a field-based tablet data collection system such as pLog, provides a complete electronic data
trail which enables you to:
  • plan your sampling programme prior to fieldwork;
  • collect and record field data such as borehole logging information and field parameter sampling;
  • issue electronic lab sample details and requests (Chain of Custody or COC);
  • rapidly identify inconsistencies between lab requests and deliverables at the touch of a button; and
  • sign off on lab reports.

Electronic COC and sign off has the following advantages:
  • all data is stored electronically and backed-up;
  • no more waterlogged paper-based forms;
  • no typographic errors introduced during lab sample check in;
  • easy to calculate expected lab costs;
  • QA samples are tracked electronically and correctly identified; and
  • inconsistencies between lab requests and deliverables are flagged automatically.

Electronic COC requires the LSpecs extension for ESdat.